Fisiopur Mattresses and Latex Mattresses

So, we’ll talk about Fisiopur Mattresses and Latex Mattresses. So, it is as follows:

Fisiopur Mattresses

Fisiopur is a material sensitive to pressure, formed by millions of porous cells that act as micro carriers, adapting to the body contour, compressing gently and immediately under body pressure and recovering its original shape with a moderate speed.

The products with Fisiopur have been tested by physiotherapists and other specialists in rest, achieving excellent results in tests of breathability and comfort. The rest with Fisiopur is restorative and therapeutic, suitable for any type of sleeper and, especially, for those who seek to avoid the “mold effect” produced by conventional viscoelastic mattresses.

Summing up: Mattresses with Fisiopur are safe bet for those who are looking for the highest quality foaming! For avoiding the viscoelastic mold effect and providing a level of breathability that no other foaming possesses. Ideal for humid climates and/or very warm to avoid the appearance of humidity and condemnation whenever there is good ventilation in the cabin.

Latex Mattresses

The latex mattress basically consists of a latex core encased in padding. From this basic concept, the technology varies from one manufacturer to another. It is usual to have holes for the air to pass through.

It has a great resistance to sinking and a soft touch very adaptable to the body. Its firmness is medium/high and is generally advisable for those who do not support hard mattresses and like a soft welcome that eliminates the pressure on the muscles when sleeping.

Under this denomination, two materials are presented that have little relation to each other: the natural latex and the synthetic one. The natural comes from the rubber tree, while the synthetic is the result of the chemistry of oil. They are not the same: the synthetic latex has a more marked smell than the natural one. It also feels rubberier to the touch and adapts somewhat less to the body. Synthetic is also cheaper. They are usually sold as a mixture with a higher or lower percentage of natural, which should be indicated on the label.

When you go to buy the latex mattress, read the label. If it says “100% latexā€¯ but does not clarify whether it is synthetic or natural, it is probably synthetic. Only if you say “latex 100% natural” will you know that you are really going to buy a natural latex mattress.

The more natural product the mattress carries, the more delicate it will be, the more care we will have to take with the humidity, the more perspiration will be needed and the more tender to get rid of over time. In fact, these are the two major problems of latex mattresses completely natural: to be an organic product, if it is not continuously ventilated optimally gets to pick mold and lacking hardeners and resins share more quickly.

As mentioned above, Fisiopur Mattresses and Latex Mattresses are the only the online sleep brand reviews that suit your body and we hope these mattresses will haunt you.